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Build Better Relationships by Being Optimistic

Our Drive Management Group on-site sales promotions are all about connections. We want people to keep coming back for more. How can we do that? The key is to end each interaction on a positive note. When we embrace an optimistic mind-set, we open ourselves to numerous possibilities – especially with relationships.

Why is it important to be optimistic? As we’ve discussed during Drive Management Group training, our goal is to create lasting impressions on those whom we meet on behalf of the brands we represent. People tend to most remember their last exchanges with others, so when we end on a positive note, they are more likely to connect again.

There is another point that is often overlooked when we engage with others. Even though at the time, it may appear as though we’re unlikely to encounter someone again, we never know what the future holds. In fact, we meet others again more often than we realize. Perhaps the circumstances aren’t the same, but as we’ve noted in our Drive Management Group meetings, it’s still important that others recall their interactions with us favorably. In particular, when it comes to connecting with consumers, we need to remember that everyone is a customer – even if they don’t make a purchase on a given day.

We strive to form flourishing relationships with others at all times. Follow us on [Twitter] for more best practices in networking and sales.