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Five People Every Team Needs for Success

When we build teams, it’s important to look beyond skill sets. A workgroup should have a variety of personalities that each play a key role in keeping the team moving forward. In our Drive Management Group office, we’ve noted that teams are like cars. We need tires, engines, exhaust, bodies, and fuel to go. Here are five types of people that put a firm in motion:

1. The Veteran

In our Drive Management Group workspace, these people are our coaches. They know the ins and outs of the operation and the history behind different practices. They offer knowledge transfer and guidance.

2. The Fresh Faces

Incoming team members bring new insights and experience to our team. Everyone’s input is valued and their contributions and original perspectives matter.

3. The Cheerleader

Our Drive Management Group culture is based on collaboration. We need individuals who can bring people together and encourage them to share ideas. They bring their enthusiasm and passion for results to the table to help inspire others.

4. The Visionary

Seeing around corners is what we do best. Visionaries are those team members who are forward-thinkers. They enjoy innovation.

5. The Motivator

Hardworking, independent members of our team who are unstoppable achievers add value by motivating others to reach their goals.

Diversity is essential, from experience to mind-sets and individual personalities. Like us on [Facebook] to learn more about the collection qualities that comprise a powerful team.